City Bingo Review- £5 Free On Sign Up

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City Bingo

Bonuses: 250% bonus on 1st, plus £5 free play
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City Bingo offers progressive jackpots and one lucky person will walk away with a heap of money. Highrise is the name of a progressive at City Bingo and is available in all of the ninety ball rooms. If a card is completed in less than thirty-eight calls, then it is a winner. Cosmopolitan is the name of the seventy ball progressive and it can be won when the desired pattern is completed in thirty calls or less. This is played in both the Royal Treatment Room and the Miami Vice Room.

  • Minimum Dep. – £5
  • Accepts US Players – No
  • Free Bonus Money – £5
  • 1st Time Bonus – 250%
  • Ongoing Bonus – 50%
  • Ticket Prices – 5p and up
  • 75 Ball – Yes
  • 90 Ball – Yes
  • Bonus Terms – wager 4x the total (deposit + bonus) prior to cashing out
  • City Bingo Payment Methods –Neteller, Visa, Visa Electron, Delta, MasterCard, Maestro, RBS, playsafecard,
  • Currency Used
  • Loyalty Program – Yes
  • No Download – Yes
  • Customer Support -24/7
  • Software –DragonFish
  • Owned by – Mandalay Media Ltd.
  • Games Available – 75 ball, 90 ball, progressive jackpots, guaranteed jackpots, VIP, slots, table games

City Bingo Promotions

One of the most popular games at City Bingo is ninety ball. This is the traditional UK version and is the same that is played in halls throughout the world. Each card consists of nine columns and three horizontal lines with fifteen numbers per card ranging from one to ninety. There are prizes available at the end of each of the three stages. The first phase is when players get all the numbers on one line of the card, on the second phase two lines must be filled in and the third phase consists of a full house.

Another popular offer is seventy ball which is just a shorter version of the UK style . It is more popular in the United States than most other countries because of the quick tempo and the fact that more prizes can be won. There are different patterns such as hearts and corners which make it very fun and different. The jackpots available are huge and players can get in on the action for as little as 5p or even for free.

City Bingo offers plenty of variety for players to have fun with. All of which are easy to learn and can offer hours of fun. From the more traditional to those which are a little rarer, there is something available for everyone.

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Wonder Bingo-200% Welcome Match

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wonder bingo website

Bonuses: CLOSED
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Wonder Bingo is one of UK’s most popular destinations. With daily and weekly guaranteed prizes ranging from £50 to more than £500, great bonuses and an easy way to sign up, there is no reason to not like this site. As a result, it is one of the more generous UK websites on the web with many awards to back them up.

If players get tired of bingo or are looking for a change of pace, there are plenty other games to choose from. Wonder Bingo also offers such games as Keno, slot games, and even a virtual casino. Some of the other features include blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and more. Wonder Bingo also uses the latest technology in order to bring players the best in slots games which will leave you wanting to play more.

Link: Go To Wonder Bingo

75 and 90 Ball – Yes

USA Players Welcomed – No

No Deposit Bonus – Yes, $5

Deposit Bonuses On 1st – 200%

Reloads – 50%

Powered By –Parlay Entertainment Software

Card Prices – 5p and up

Games On Offer – 90 ball, 75 ball, slots, video poker, casino games, guaranteed jackpots

Lowest Deposit – 10 GBP, USD or Euro

Currency Used In Games -£, € and $

Loyalty Rewards Program – Yes

License Info – Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Customer Care -24/7

Payment Methods – Neteller, MasterCard, UKash, Visa, Moneybookers, Visa Electron Maestro,

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Wonder Bingo also has everyone’s favorite games including both 75 and 90 ball. In addition, players can participate for as little as 5p making the games open to just about anyone. Wonder Bingo creates a very cool atmosphere and we found the chat masters to be quit good. In fact, the more players play, the more prizes they can get. For example, the more a player is involved, the higher up the Luxury Levels they climb and when all the gifts are collected, players can move on to the next level. In addition, there is also a virtual shop where players can spend their Wonder Bucks and unlock other exciting features.

Of course, Wonder Bingo has plenty of promotions and bonuses to choose from. New players can get a 200% welcome bonus. That means the casino will give you 200% on your initial deposit. In addition, in order to keep players happy and coming back, returning players can get a 50% bonus when they re-deposit funds into their account. There are also plenty of other promotions depending on the time of the year or even the day of the week that players can take advantage of to help line their accounts with winnings.

There are many different features at this website which make it easy to navigate. First, players know that it is a legitimate site thanks to the fact that all of the terms and conditions are easily available and it also plainly lists the security which is in place. In addition, help is easily called upon by emailing the help desk 24/7 with any questions or concerns. There is also a frequently asked questions portion of the website that can usually answer any questions before you have to send an email.

Bingo Canada-Exclusive Bonus Offer

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 bingo canada image

Bonuses: 500%, Exclusive sign-up $75
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Bingo Canada Promotions

Bingo Canada is a website for people who love generous promotions and larger jackpots. It does not have a rich history; the website is still young and also offers free bingo, video poker, scratchies and slot games. However, if you want a website where the reload bonuses are continual and have a great reputation, then Bingo Canada is the right website for you. Before you go to the website, however, let’s take a quick look at some important information you need to know about Bingo Canada if you love playing 75 ball.

  • No Deposit Bonus: $75 exclusive bonus offer. Maximum cashout is $100 and a 50x wagering requirements is required.
  • Price For A Game Ticket: $0.05 to $1.00
  • US Players Welcomed:
  • Free Bonus Amount For Referrals:
  • Deposit Bonuses On 1st: 500%
  • 75 Ball:
  • Deposit Bonuses On 2nd: 700%. Daily ongoing bonuses
  • 90 Ball:
  • Powered By: Parley Entertainment Software
  • Customer Care: Telephone and live chat 24/7
  • Lowest Deposit: $25
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Download:
  • Country of license: Canada
  • Games Played In: US$
  • Methods of payment for deposit and cards:Bank wire transfer, VISA, InstaDebit, ECO, Cash transfer, MoneyBookers, MasterCard and Neteller
  • Games On Offer: Slot Machines, Video Poker, Scratch Cards, love bingo playing 75 ball in 300 different patterns

After looking at the information given above, it is clear that Bingo Canada is a good choice for those who love generous bonuses and great chat games. However, with a large number of deposit bonus schemes as well as special occasion contests like those for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Bingo Canada is also great for those who would like to win larger prizes. If you love bingo and would like a simple, no-hassles online platform to play the game, then Bingo Canada is a good choice.

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BingoFest Review-$25 Sign Up Offer

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Bonuses: 500%, $25 sign up
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BingoFest was established in 2003, the very fact that they are not only surviving but also thriving shows that the website is a great site especially for USA players. Here is a look at some important information you need to know about BingoFest, or any other similar website, for that matter.

  • Bonus on 1st deposit: 500%
  • Ongoing bonuses: 600% on 2nd and 400% on 3rd
  • Free Bonus Offer: $25 bonus on sign up
  • Permission for US Players:
  • Card prices for playing: $0.5 to $5.00 in playable cards
  • 75 and 90 Ball:
  • Choice of other games: Slot Machines, Casino War, Arcade, Bingo 75 & 90, Roulette, Keno,Texas Hold’em, ideo Poker, Video Slots, Blackjack
  • Least amount of money for a deposit: $25
  • Currencies Used In Games: US$, Euro and GBP
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Download Required:
  • Customer Care: live chat, phone, 24/7
  • Licensed Info: Costa Rica
  • Powered By: Proprietary and BetOnSoft software
  • Owners: The CB Corporation
  • Payment Methods: MoneyBookers, Ukash, VISA, iPoint, Neteller, InstaDebit, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, MyVoucher, In-house Gift Card

BingoFest Welcome Offers

BingoFest, as you can see, has a lot to offer. You can start with a small amount of $25 on this website, and you can win more than $10,000 if you play right. Bingo Fest does not just offer 24 hours of fun, but also the chance to win money in the process. So what are you waiting for? Join the BingoFest club and claim your exclusive bonus without spending a penny.

If you are looking for a nice website to play online bingo games only to find yourself at a dead end, you are not alone. It is quite difficult to differentiate between genuine game sites that allow you to enjoy and win money, and those websites that don’t have the greatest games due to the software.

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Bingo Lingo – Chat Phrases-Acronyms

 bingo lingo

Bingo lingo is not hard to master, but it will take a little bit of time and effort. However, you will find that knowing the latest chat phrases will help you be accepted quickly into a group and make you feel much more at home. There are pieces of bingo lingo that will be viable no matter the game situation or if you have been a member for a while or are just coming back to the game.

Most common chat phrases

ATB-all the bestBOL-best of luck

1TG one number to go
2TG two numbers to go
3TG three numbers to go
AKA also known as
AFAIK as far as I known
ASAP as soon as possible
B4 before
BBL be back later
BBS be back soon
BF boy friend
BFN bye for now
BLNT better luck next time
BRB be right back
BTW by the way
CBS come back soon
CYA see ya
DBL don´t be long
EG evil grin
FAQ frequently asked questions
FYI for your information
G4U good for you (good game)
GAL get a life
GF girl friend
GG good going (good game)
GJ good job
GL good luck
GLA good luck all
GLE good luck everyone
GM good morning
GN good night
G2BB great to be back
G2CU glad to see you (good game)
HB hurry back
H&K hug and kiss
HAGN have a good night
IC I dont know
IDK I see
IMHO in my honest opinion
IRL in real life
JK just kidding
JMO just my opinion
JTLYK just to let you know
KIT keep in touch
KOTC kiss on the cheek
KOTL kiss on the lips
L8R later
L8R G8R later gator
LAY looking at you
LMAO laughing my @$$ off
LOL laughing out loud
LOFTING talking in private chat (the loft)
LTNS long time no see
LUWAMH love you with all my heart
LY love ya
N2BB nice to be back
NETUA nobody ever tells us anything
NITM not in the mood
NP no problem
NT nice try
OIC oh, I see
OMG oh my goodness (gawd)
OTOH on the other hand
PM private message
PMSL pissing myself laughing
POOF I have left the chat
PPL people
QSL replay
QSO conversation
QT cutie
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my @$$ off
SOHF sense of humor failure
SRY sorry
SETE smiling ear to ear
TC take care
TFY thinking of you
TGIF thank god its friday
TTYL talk to you later
TY thank you
TYVM thank you very much
U2 you too
VIP very important person
WB welcome back
WD well done
WTG way to go
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
YVW you’re very welcome
YW you’re welcome

Learning the latest chat phrases will actually be a fun process. While many online bingo sites have a cheat sheet in order to help you out with any questions you may have, we will provide a basis for you to get started on.

One part of bingo lingo that you may have to get used to if you are from America is the fact that some of the phrases are what you will hear in other places such as England. For example, you are likely to see something such as “lads” which stands for away lads. Since lads is not a word that is typically used in North America that may take some getting used to. In addition, there may be such a saying as “queen” which stands for Save the Queen. However, the vast majority of chat phrases will be universal no matter where you live.

Most bingo lingo is just a shortened form of regular English words or acronyms. While you may feel a little dumb or stupid using them at first, you will soon feel more comfortable the more often you use the chat phrases.

A lot of times the online bingo chat rooms will have more than just conversation regarding the actual game. Chances are, you will become friends with your fellow bingo players and wind up having personal conversations. As a result, some bingo lingo will revolve around that rather than the actual game of bingo. For example, you may see “luwamh” which stands for love you with all my heart. You may also see “lol” when someone says something funny which will stand for laughing out loud. You may see something such as “imho” which stands for in my honest opinion when someone is asking others for advice. You may also want to say “tlyk” which stands for just to let you know if you need to convey some information to other players in the chat room.

The chat rooms of online bingo sites can be very fun places to have conversations. As a result, there may be many jokes flying about and you may find your funny bone tickled. When this happens, you may want to respond with “rofl” or rolling on the floor laughing. For a particularly funny joke you may even want to take it a step further and say “roflmao” which stands for rolling on floor laughing my @$$ off.

There are other times where you may want to speak to other players in private. If this is the case and you don’t want others to see what you have to say in the chat room, then you can use “lofting” in order to stand for talking in the private chat and then you can carry on your conversation away from others.

Once you get the hang of it, using bingo lingo will soon become second nature. In fact, it will be fun to be a part of an online community that you don’t see in the real world. Just be sure to practice and check back here if you need a little help with your chat phrases.

Manhattan Slots – Blacklisted!

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manhattan slots

Bonuses: 100% deposit bonus
Visit Manhattan Slots

Apart from the fact that Manhattan Slots is a very nice looking site, it also has a great deal to offer their players. They guarantee that they put the ‘player first’ and have been operating since 2004. Manhattan Slots is powered by Real Time Gaming software which has been long on the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Membership is open to everyone and US players are welcome.

  • Lowest Deposit: $35 or €30
  • US Players Welcomed:
  • No Deposit Bonus:
  • Deposit Bonuses On 1st: 100% x two for slots up to $747. 100%- table and card games.
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus : 65% for slots, keno and scratch cards. 55% most others
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card Mastercard and Visa, Instadebit, ECO Card, Click2Pay, NETeller, MoneyBookers, MyPaylinQ
  • Currencies Used In Games: $USD, others converted at banks daily rate
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Non Downloadable: Flash and Download
  • Customer Care: live chat and toll free number
  • License Info: Curacao Netherlands Antilles,
  • Powered By: Real Time Gaming (RTG)
  • Owners: Club World Group – Liverpool
  • Games On Offer: Over 100 different games including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Craps, Video Poker, Poker, Pontoon, Classic and Video Slots, PJP’s and Specialty Games.

Manhattan Slots is licensed in Netherlands Antilles Curacao; use SSL multi-firewall encryption technology and are Verisign secure. They also offers 24/7 dedicated support which is backed by a Live Support and Toll Free number. Customer support is contactable by mail and by email too. The site is TST Accredited and this means that games are tested for fairness and audited randomly for percentage payouts.
With all of these safeguards in place, plus responsibility towards underage and other problem gambling, it is easy to see that this online site has their customers’ best interests at heart.

Manhattan Slots Welcome Offers

Claim 2 x 100% deposit bonus to start off with and these are worth up to $747. There are also huge cash back offers available on both a ‘special’ and ongoing basis, an extremely exciting Slots Club which offers special rewards and events; an ongoing 55%-65% re-load bonus, and a stunning VIP rewards system as well as comp points. In fact Manhattan Slots offer very nice promotions indeed.

Visit Manhattan aslots

Slots Jungle Casino Review-CLOSED

Full Review
slots jungle

250% deposit bonus offers, 100% blackjack & video poker
Visit Slots Jungle

“Fair Gaming, Fast Payouts and the best in Customer Service” This is the Slots Jungle guarantee. They are an online slots and casino website, owned by Netad Management, licensed in Curacao Netherland Antilles, and powered by RTG (Real Time Gaming) software. This also means that the site offers real money games to US players making them one of the few. The software is safe and secure and promises the ultimate in online gaming.

  • Lowest Deposit: $21
  • US Players Welcomed:
  • No Deposit Bonus:
  • Bonus Offers: 250% up to $2,500 x four, 100% for video poker and blackjack- up to $500 x ten on 1st deposits
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus: 20%
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Click2Pay, Mastercard, ClickandBuy, Neteller, Maestro, Quicktender, UKash, Eco, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer, Pre-paid ATM, and Quicktender .
  • Currencies Used In Games: US Dollars, many currencies accepted
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Non Downloadable: Yes Both Flash and Download
  • Customer Care: 24/7 live chat and toll free numbers
  • License Info: The Government of Curacao Netherlands Antilles
  • Powered By: Real Time Gaming (RTG)
  • Owned by: Netad Management
  • Games On Offer: Slots such as Mid Life Crisis and Shopping Spree PJP’s, Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Casino Poker and Specialty Games such as Bonus Bingo, Magic Sevens, Sic Bo and Hot Dice.

Slots Jungle Customer Service

The site features Single Socket Layer security certification as well as is TST Tested. Slots Jungle have courteous, professional, 24/7 customer support for the UK, US and Canada by toll-free telephone number, as well as in live chat and email. There is also a guarantee that members details are kept absolutely private.

Slots Jungle offers a wide range of different games which includes but is not limited to online slots (of course) table games, video poker and more. There are great prizes up for grabs as well as out-of-this world promotions.

They offer a couple of out-of-this-world offers to get started playing for real money prizes. The first is valued at $10,000 and is four x 250% cash matches worth up to $2,500 each. There is also a blackjack and video poker bonus of 100% x 10 of a maximum of $500 to total $5000. Please always read terms and conditions pertaining to these offers.

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Oddsmaker Casino Review

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oddsmaker casino

Bonuses: 100% deposit bonus
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Oddsmaker Casino Welcome Offers

The welcome offer at Oddsmaker Casino is 100% of the first cash deposit valued up to $1000; with reload bonuses of 20%, and a very good in fact excellent friend referral program. They invite you to be the “House” and reward 15% of all friend referral deposits for their life-time of play at the site.

  • Live Gaming
  • Lowest Deposit: $25
  • US Players Welcomed:
  • Free Cash On Sign Up:
  • Deposit Bonuses On 1st: 100% and up to 135% for poker
  • 2nd Match: Tues and Thurs 20%
  • Terms and Conditions: No withdrawals are allowed from the ‘Free Money’ account.
  • Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, UPS, FedEx, BankWire, ECheck and Cash Transfer, WU Cash Transfer
  • Currencies Used In Games: US Dollars
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Non Downloadable Games: Both instant play (Flash) and Download
  • Customer Care: 24/7
  • License Info: The Government of Curacao Netherlands Antilles,
  • Powered By: Proprietary Software
  • Games On Offer: Live dealers available for live blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Also available are table games, poker and sports betting

This site is fully licensed by the Government of Curacao Netherlands Antilles, to offer games such as online poker and fantasy games too. FYI – Curacao online gambling regulations are consistent with the UK, although they adhere to Atlantic City Rules and Regulations as well as fairness testing.

A very nice feature of Oddsmaker Casino is that they maintain customer balances in cash and 100% of each customers balance is available for immediate withdrawal in $500 increments. Customer service is available 24/7, by toll free telephone for North America and International, with fax and email details supplied.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable features of the Oddsmaker Casino website, is the fact that the sports-book and casino have both stood their ground and still offer real money services to players in the USA. If you are a US player, this may be of great interest to you. They quote WTO Rulings to support their continued provision of services. Oddsmaker Casino operates off Proprietary software platform and offers a variety of services.

Visit Oddsmaker Casino

Big Time Bingo Review-Claim Your $10 Free Bonus

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big time bingo

Bonuses: 300% deposit, plus $10 free
Visit Big Time Bingo

The games at Big Time Bingo can all be played in downloadable versions, Flash versions or web-based Java versions, depending on the player’s preferences. It is also possible to choose between free games and real money games here. Their customer service representatives are all very friendly and will answer any questions that players might have at their help desk. They can be reached through live chat 24/7, but they also have a toll-free phone number, a direct number and an email address for contacting purposes. Big Time Bingo also has a buddy system in place, where players can refer their friends and family members to the website in exchange for a 20% bonus on every purchase that they make in the month after the successful referral.

  • Highlights:Team Bingo Tournament every Friday from 7pm-11am EST-1st place wins $400 in the quarters room
    – $2,000 in weekly prizes up for grabs on Sunday in the Slots and Video Poker Tournament
    -Thursday is $1000 coverall in the Dimes room with guaranteed $30 pots every single hour

  • Customer Care: 24/7 help desk, toll-free phone number, direct number, email
  • No Deposit Bonus: $10
  • Deposit Bonuses On 1st: 300%
  • 75 Ball:
  • 90 Ball:
  • Lowest Deposit: $10
  • Currencies Used In Games: USD
  • US Players Welcomed:
  • Deposit Bonuses On 2nd: 150% to 250% depends on what day
  • Games On Offer: 75-ball, Free Bingo, Progressive games, Chat games, Keno, Pulltabs, Slots, Video Poker
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, Use My Bank, Money Line Wallet, MyPayLinq, Diners Club International, American Express Card
  • Cards: 10c to $1
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • No Download Required:
  • License Info: Azul Electrico S.A. regulated by Costa Rican laws
  • Powered By: Parlay Entertainment software
  • Owners: Azul Electrico Limited

Big Time Bingo Welcome Offers

Big Time Bingo has several bonuses available, like the 300% match bonus of each player’s first time deposit up to $500. There are also refer-a-friend bonuses and other daily bonuses to take advantage of.

Visit Big Time Bingo

Bingon Review-Exclusive Bonus

Full Review website

Exclusive: Deposit £10 get £45 to play, promo code BEST350
Visit Bingon

Bingon is licensed in Malta, owned by Mediterranean Gaming Ltd, it is powered by the Parlay software platform and sorry – accepts no US players. They have been in the gaming and social networking business now for a decade and this tells in the features of the site. It offers a super friendly environment with all the right security features too. Backed-up by Thawte and 128-bit encryption with 24/7 customer service. Games are checked on a monthly basis to ensure fair payouts, and you have their solid guaranteed that sensitive information is never sold or given away. A brilliant avatar feature which may be personalized also makes it more fun to play. What we really liked about Bingon is that trial players may play for free for one week, with winnings capped at £150 in bonus bucks. This is a great way to fund a new bingo account.

  • Card Prices: Free, 2p and up
  • Loyalty Rewards Program:
  • Us Players Welcomed:
  • Games On Offer: Table Games, Scratch Cards, Slots, Casino, Keno, Video Poker, Bingo.
  • Deposit Bonuses On 2nd: 100%
  • Deposit Bonuses On 1st: Exclusive-deposit £10 and get £45 to play. Take this code to cashier BEST350
  • 75 and 90 Ball:
  • Payment Methods: Visa Electron, Ukash, MasterCard, SecureCode, Visa Maestro, Moneybookers, Laser, Paysafecard.
  • Currencies Used: Euro, SEK, GBP
  • Lowest Deposit: £10
  • No Download Required:
  • Customer care: 24/7
  • License Info: Malta
  • Powered By: Parlay Entertainment software
  • Owners: Mediterranean Gaming Ltd,

Bingon Welcome Offers

There is a 350% first deposit bonus on offer at Bingon. This will match your first deposits of between £10 and £65; effectively tripling the amount of money with which you have to play. This means triple the fun and triple the chances of winning too. The reload bonus is 100% which is a remarkable amount, the maximum is normally 50%. Also a current time limited promotion sees these bonuses being even bigger- check it out. Find a Membership Scheme for Loyalty in Club Bingon, and share the fun with your friends through the fantastic friend referral scheme.

Visit Bingon